About Us

Kaxprint comprises of two design officies stationed at Plaza Ivory, Halam Bukit Gambir, Gelugor, Penang (HQ) and Uptown Mall, Universiti Sains Malaysia Main Campus, Penang. They boast several years of brand redefining experience specialising in a diverse array of fields including corporate logo design, graphic design, advertising design, image design on transportation, consumer product design, packaging design, interior design, exterior design, exhibition design, signage design and further areas of designing. The Kaxprint Director, Nazar Yamat and the team, possess a strong ability to interpret and enhance brand equity by providing exciting fresh, new design solutions and focusing on innovation and visual distinction as means to achieve success and profitability.The combination of design competencies described and with the Kaxprint featuring local and international background experience makes it a truly dynamic fusion of vibrant influences and creative talents that can result in worthy design progression and accelerated growth suitable for brands and/or products.

Kaxprint is a printing company with two branches located at Uptown Mall, Universiti Sains Malaysia and Ivory Plaza, Halaman Bukit Gambir. We have several staff who handle printing and design work in this company. The company carries out printing and design activities such as branding, promotional materials, gifts and souvenirs, corporate identity, digital and offset printing, photography and videography.

Office Phone No.: 04-2931707
Email: info@orangestudioz.com
Address: 2-2-22 Plaza Ivory, Halaman Bukit Gambir,
11700 Gelugor, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Kaxprint Team

Nazar Yamat

Founder of Kaxprint.

Specialist in Branding & advertiding Media Consultion.

Azmat Ibrahim

Specialist in Branding & advertiding Media Consultion.

Anis Khir

Graphic Designer